Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Mistake....

We share our life with hundreds of people everyday from morning to late night, friends, relatives, travelers, newspaper vendors, and like many such people. Life goes mostly as usual. Like most things happened automatic and we are just part of system for completion. Changes rarely happen, and when happened we tackle with little or no much problem with a little adjustment.  

Our most day show reflection of  all yesterday and environment from where we come, our decision, emotion, happiness all mostly concerned with that..

Still believe something happen unusual, that day you meet one new people, whom you never seen or talk or listen before. Something more for you, You now get to share your opinion with her/him. Everything is new and fascinating. Might be you play best role in your life with denying end..Is that all should be end now..Even you ready to say something more, but believe life play his role once again and catch yourself for routine and as usual life. Is that the biggest mistake in our life ????

At that time your all days trapped  between  yesterday and tomorrow, vitality and reality. 

But time also flowing meanwhile and doing its own role.. 

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