Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The travelling on National Highway..

So what... Roads are always same..rambling and infinite...still take us to finite location..what happen when you not get place for sit..then you have two option ...silently stand and grave as possible as  bad for sitting people and their loudly crying infants and GSRTC..like so many..

And second is. ...as possible u think...!!!!!!

You can have if u have close heart partner.
You can look outside always misty or broken window.and watch the..
People buying tempting stuffs, endless race to be ahead in traffic, traffic police's endless efforts to save life, waiting for bus for home and honestly did job satisfaction,  heavy vehicles which run our nation much..and their drivers..  i think they struggle most, due to they never forget road, much time away from home  ..actually we did nothing for that worrier carriers, still doing their job from age of origin..
Sunset and rising sun, always happening for synchronizing us...but still beautiful and being a portrait  each time....farmers with their most nice job living with sponge and kids and domestic animal friends
Small roads lead to talukas and villages and mini vehicles on the golden road...
Now time to look inside, many one waiting for your close look.!!
Mostly collecting and adjusting money.. they speak most for change money after Mr.P Chidambaram and Raghu Ram..but they don't keep except your remained 1 or 2 rupees..they always want more people in bus not for GSRTC but they worry for everyone...
Don't much except..he is leading us..if he will join us, then we will sure at either hospital or at out of ration card...still they focus best everyday. Care for us for be at home.
Senior  citizen, mostly not happy for silly reasons just living physically with exception ... sensex of ethics sure to be down when anywhere u show them standing ...sign of 4th age...sometime when u see them with grand son as like him..they must be going or from real home...and if  baby is grand daughter they must be from "heaven"...
Barby Dolls and boys
mostly crying, if not expect mummy should be here ,otherwise they will show a fierce and annoying movie to people...but some one are so nice ..they show courage to be with u, ready u also for new scenes.. u can prove ur real character with won their trust, not try to be fake...that time u also think for that kind of baby..but u can't now..first need is u should have a wife...!!
Working man..
They really need  rest and worm feel of closeness . They are  not robots ..they also were a living human and still can be if they show and like to change after watching"zindagi na milagi dubara" af course not try to look for  Katrina Kaif..i also dont like if they try to annoy with Indian politics, Modi ,corruption, assets, reality business, silly talks of neighbor and virtual relatives, sen-sex and Pakistan....
College boys..
Now a days mostly busy with Samsung, hearing meaning less pop songs, playing with animated toys and whats up Facebook. If not one of that,they first try to find girls and dream for ohh that are always different for all. No one can predict ...if that lucky girl is not there, they just talk for whole day settings always new for each day, if sometime matching dream with new ..may be that time dummy mind be at side, much innovation start here..they try for like be nice,still  you not get exactly,then DON NO 1 and all movie start with' ΔΆ' due to VIVAAH is refused by your DVD player..!!!
Still i like much when showing with current affairs ..if Indian attitude compounded they will ne definitely at Delhi or Gandhinagar..

Now time for most waited don't worry they never wait and built a waiting list!!!
Mostly same like boys but work in multi tasking way..may be Microsoft learned from them still no one patented and have copy right..

Sorry but most is fact now time for noble and philanthropic..
I seeing a girl tired and trying for sleep still not due to like me not get a sit..wake up at early and traveled at least a 500km mostly at standing,fighting with stupid and narrow minded boys , take care for loving and little illiterate mother, still stand up for as possible for that trusted daughter , not possible by Harvard and IIT guys.They skip or less credited most important lesson of life. She is here after a long and endless competitive exam..which was i did not ask...but she is sure eligible for IAS and like best job
..i also know may be i saw once again due to neither she or her mother give up...i also wish she never give up for which we need most..
I think she is real and living us a 
"Desh ki beti nandabi"

I am forgetting she is hardly glance at me and wait for real sweetest home..still inspire me to write so much silently...

Still.we are forgetting one person..

That is me, who is scrutinizing all that a whole journey and why not he still standing and watching.........

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