Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back to hundred years music, art and epic

Question arise why only hundred years and not from genesis..

Due to that all about three music instruments, which coexist and become part of almost all famous songs and dialects  .. 
1. Tabla
2. Peti (self charged and handheld)
3. Manjira

I also think there will be not any other proper word to introduce them..just their existence make most stuff prefect. That also much depend on the artist.. there presence can only be listen and possible to write in words..
And fourth dimension.
There is also one surprise since our civilization only two pair are famous and create lots of songs and art in different language and territory..

1. Ram- sita

2. Krishna- Radha

One taught what is idol character in every aspect and second being a  inscrutable character..
But one group of people we can't neglect that make above perfect and recognize still  today in many forms..
Lakshman, Bharat, Hanuman, Arjun, Sabri and why not  also Ravan, Kansh, Duryodhn...

So whom should we follow and believe as a mentor.

Exactly we make mistake here and hang out at amid st neither in first group nor in second one.
Not a perfect man not a good followers.. That position be a scarcity of trust and confidence.
Result we always wonder here and there for truth, answer for meaning of existence

Then intellectual power lie within us..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ankit on Right way

Meaning of name Ankit...
"Powerful and complete. You are good intellectually and require several outlets for your energies. You are not a builder but a planner, and you want others to carry out your plans. You are bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. You know what you want and why you want it.
You are always looking for a chance to do your own thing, to be your own person, and to have things done your own way."

That is not all about meaning of name "Ankit'"..But the character and personality behind that stranger co traveler.. 

I always try for take different road to reach at My office..Sometime that can be cumbersome,  hard and time consuming on IST time.. But i liked to do so..And each time i get new experience, people and environment. Same on that day i intentionally traveled on different road, meanwhile i get the Ankit on the road..

Don't expect that time, he is any engineer, businessman or with a glittering personality or attitude..

Each day he travel 6km on road with one book and a pen. He joined a good training workshop on computer, which is initiated by Government of Gujarat. He also getting stipend for that with job assurance. 

So what, he not win any million dollar lottery and will not get any six figure by that workshop..

But i like his attitude and mind set..

He can get that money by any other ritual business also..But he want to see himself in a way..Might be he is initiating a new direction. he also appreciate how good government doing for them..That is not affect of any highly committeemen  or any other similar events.. From him, his next generation sure will have new dreams and fortune. 

I learned much with that stranger. It is not possible to encourage and uplift each one from every corner. But people like Ankit are eager to catch any opportunity. They will uplift with their family, cast and ultimately with India.... 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

એક સફળતા..

બસ થોડા સમય પછી મારા સવણિમ સમય નાં શિક્ષક ને મળવાનું થયું. પણ આ થોડા સમય મા અમે બદલાય ગયા હતા અને ગયેલા દિવસો ગણયા તો વષો બની ગયા હતા..

આજે એવુ પંણ લાગયુ કે આ સમય માં કઇક કરી પણ બતાવયુ છે..આપડી સફળતા નો આનંદ કોઇક ચહેરા પર જોવો એક અલગ જ વાત છે. બસ થોડા સમય પહેલાની વાગેલ એક લાકડી એ બહુ મોટુ કામ કરી બતાવયું. કોઇ શીક્ષક માટે તેના વિધાથી ની સફળતા જ બધુ હોય છે..જો હુ આજે શેખવા સર અને માઢક સર ને મળયો ન હોત તો આ ગોરવ ની વાત રહી જ જાત ... જો આવી ઘટના બધા ના જીવન મા બને તો શીક્ષક અને વિધાથી નુ જીવન એક સુંદર યાદ બની જાય....

આભાર એ બધા હિતેશુ ઓનો જેને જાણે-અજાણયે જીવન ને એક નવી દિશા આપી....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

શિયાળા ની એક સવાર..

 આજે કઇક નવુ જહતુ એ જ રસતા પર જયા થી હુ રોજ પસાર થાવ છુ. એક સાથેક વરસ નો ખેડુત લિમડા ના જાડ નિચે ખાટલા મા બેસિ ને દુર સુધિ નજર દોડાવતો હતો અને વિચારતો હશે...
શુ આ જગયા પર જ પહુચવા આટલિ બધી મહેનત કરી..કદાચ કઇક વિચારવા મા ભુલ થઇ ગઇ..